Welcome to Hazelnut Connection

Interested in world religions? Here's a learning community for you, a place if you're  curious about what other people believe, want to learn more about your own faith tradition, or are a seeker looking for a community.

This is your place to learn more about  world religions, faith, and  spirituality.
No pressure to convert, guaranteed. Get acquainted gently or plunge right in. For a gentle approach, check out the Public Square.

Public Square

Hazelnuts and Bolts will help you get oriented and the blog Opening Minds to Open Hearts will offer occasional think pieces.

The Newsstand  features a calendar of world religious holidays, news of world religions and of Hazelnut Connection. World Religious News is an RSS feed which combines feeds from  five major world religion sources.

The Commons offers an ongoing chatroom, resources recommended by Hazelnut, and suggestions from members. If you have a special favorite, feel free to suggest it using the included forms. Speakers Corner? Join ongoing forums or start one of your own.

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For Members

Here's how to have it all and then some. Want to do everything in the Public Square?  Take part in private Conversations and Courses? Keep a permanent record of your activities to claim continuing education hours? Maybe access your record for a nominal fee even if you no longer belong?

Regular subscription $120 per year. Special introductory rate for first year: $60.

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Come on in!

Be as involved (or not) as you wish. Visit, give us your name and website, then participate in activities on the Public Square, or become a member. Want to be part of a conversation or course? Take part in the surveys or think up a conversation you'd like to moderate. If you want to teach material you already know well, perhaps for a fee, offer a course.

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