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The Hazelnut Connection exists to encourage and support conversations and learning about world religions, spirituality, and matters of faith in a safe environment. We offer a wide range of resources and hope to extend our membership to include members of many faiths. We're very grateful for your support.  Thank you so much.


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Special Introductory Rate is $60 for the first year. After that the annual subscription to Hazelnut Connection will be $120 per year ($10 per month). Subscribers may participate in any number of conversations each year and retain access to their personal record whether or not their subscription is current. Those who are only able to offer their presence may become Mission Members by pressing the Contact Us on the Marketplace page.


Affiliates are religious groups who use the Hazelnut Connection as a platform for their own program. Their subscription is determined by the number of participants they expect in their programs.  Groups who can contribute only their wisdom and presence may become Mission Affiliates by contacting us at the Marketplace.