Structured world religions learning experiences: that's what Members of Hazelnut Connection crave. They probably have spent time on the Public Square.  They  might have enjoyed, and even participated in, the chatroom and forums.  They may be followers of the Religion in the News RSS feeds and be interested by the calendar of world religious holidays at the Newsstand. They may also have investigated the recommended resources and may even have offered suggestions of some of their own favorites resources to the community.

But now it's time to go more deeply. For some, relatively unstructured conversations or activities sound appealing. Others want more structure. Either way, they will be putting in a noticeable amount of time and may want to use that time to get continuing education credit for their work. Members' permanent records of their formal activities with Hazelnut Connection will be available for a small fee even if they let their membership lapse.

Conversations can offer world religions learning experiences of all sorts--certainly readings, but also activities like spiritual direction, art, and spiritual writing. They can last a short time or go on for a year with any number of renewals. They offer a good format for lifelong learning--topics of any interest offered and engaged without any particular constraints.

Courses, on the other hand, allow structured continuing education.  Instructors design the course and evaluate the work of students, which can include writing papers, giving presentations, and taking quizzes. These are especially appropriate for people who are participating in the educational programs of our affiliates, perhaps as preparation for official service in their religious communities

What do members get?

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  • Participants enjoy all privileges of Hazelnut membership.