Note: Organized Conversations are not available until November 1, but public conversations are alive and well at Speakers Corner and the Chatroom at Public Square.

Our conversations offer you  opportunities for world religions lifelong learning. They can offer all kinds of experiences. They may last a few weeks or all year and may deal with anything connected with world religions, spirituality and faith issues, as well as their relations to anything else--religion and culture, religion and culture, religion and art, etc. etc. Here's what you can expect.

  • Try something really new
  • No need to be an expert


Independent Inquiry
  • Ask interesting questions
  • Share your passion: spiritual direction, art, your writing


  • Moderator designs and organizes
  • Everyone learns together
  • Every member evaluates the work of the group
  • Joining means that you accept our Terms and Conditions
Continuing education
  • Learning that suits you
  • No set format
  • Records to show your work


Types of conversations

  • Formal conversations
    • Advertised on the site
    • Participants officially join the conversation
    • Appear on members' personal records
    • Developed at Put It Together
    • To see what's being offered, click New Conversations
  • Casual conversations
    • Open to all members
    • Access for members only at the bottom of this page
    • Members just chip in whenever they are interested
    • Do not appear on personal records
    • May help you design a formal conversation.
    • To participate in casual conversations, click Members Forums

Hazelnut Connection Conversations: the place for world religions lifelong learning.