Conversations to grow world religions understanding

  • New experiences, not just reading.
  • A few weeks or all year.
  • World religions, spirituality, faith issues.
  • Connections with other topics, religion and culture, etc.
  • Try something really new.
  • No need to be an expert.
Independent Inquiry
  • Ask interesting questions.
  • Share your passion: spiritual direction, art, your writing.
  • Moderator designs and organizes.
  • Everyone learns together.
  • Every member evaluates the work of the group.
  • Joining means that you accept our Terms and Conditions.
Continuing education
  • Learning that suits you.
  • No set format.
  • Records show your work.

Types of conversations

Formal conversations
  • Advertised on the site.
  • Participants officially join the conversation.
  • Appear on members' personal transcript.
  • Developed at Put It Together.
  • To see what's being offered, click New Conversations.
Casual conversations at Your Profile
  • Open to all members.
  • Chip in whenever.
  • Not included in personal record.
  • May suggest a formal conversation.

Open the door to world religions understanding