What are courses?

Courses offer formal world religions continuing education, much like conventional distance learning. Instructors design and teach them, then evaluate students' work. The format is especially appropriate for the programs any religious community might want to offer to prepare its members for formally recognized service.

Courses are particularly appropriate for our Affiliates who want to offer courses leading to formal service in their own religious community. They give a have a clear sense of participants' work and helps them progress toward their goal.

An especially useful feature of our format is that each course design indicates its level of difficulty. This makes it possible to offer courses appropriate to students' educational level. Level 1 courses are described as fun and easy, so would be appropriate for beginning students who need to get their feet wet. Level 5, the professional level, would be the equivalent of seminary courses.

Students' Records describe the content of  each course they take and include the instructor's evaluation of their work. Students may receive certificates for their work and are always able to access their records.

If you want to offer a course, we recommend that you get familiar with the technology before organizing a course. Conversations for members will give many of the advantages of courses without the complications of courses. Developing and moderating a conversation will ease the process of developing a course.

Courses offer

Structured learning
  • Qualified instructors develop and teach.
  • Quizzes and papers are included.
  • Can be part of  larger courses of study.
  • Instructor evaluates each student's performance.
  • Students evaluate courses.
  • Records of each course include instructor and student evaluations.
Distance Learning
  • Especially useful for Affiliates.
  • Good for your own curriculum.

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