Decisions, Decisions

Your most important decision is what you want to talk about with others: what you're interested in and how you want to share it. Next you choose a format for your group:  conversation or course.

Conversations are informal and collegial. We strongly recommend you begin with conversations, since they are more informal and will help you become familiar with the technology.

Courses  are like any conventional distance learning course. They are run by instructors and may have lectures, written exercises, quizzes, and grades. The instructor grades the work of each student and students evaluate the course, including the work of the instructor. Instructors may charge for their services.

Records  are for all participants include the name of the conversation or course along with appropriate evaluations. They are always available, even for those who are no longer members.

Conversations: Begin January 15, 2020
  1.   Filling out the proposal form will help you develop your idea. It is not a contract.
  2.   Especially if it's your first effort, don't try to do too much.
  3.   Hazelnut Connection has a lot of tools, but conversations probably won't need too many of them. Once you're at ease, you can use any of the other tools attached to our Chatroom.
  4. The best way to avoid monopolizing the conversation is to prepare a list of  real and interesting questions to get things rolling. The list is not, however, a test, so if the conversation catches fire with the first question, that's perfectly wonderful.
  5.   If you want to upload images, be careful of copyright.  Public Domain Sherpa is your guide to rules about copyright. For suggestions, go to More Resources.
  6.   Attendance is taken solely to estimate continuing education hours for members.
  7.   Everyone in the group evaluates the activities of the group, not the performance of any single person (much less the moderator).
  8.    Hazelnut keeps a permanent record for all, including information about evaluations.
  9.   Affiliates may offer conversations which may be either private to their members or public to all.

Click here for more information and the proposal form.

Click here for more information and  the evaluation form.

Courses: Begin March 1, 2020
  1.  Instructors give grades. We encourage Pass-Fail, however.
  2.  Attendance is taken and may be used toward the grade.
  3.  Class members evaluate their instructor.
  4.  Instructors of courses for Affiliates might want to get well acquainted with the site, perhaps even participate in a conversation before using it.
  5.  Hazelnut Connection keeps a permanent record of the work of class members and instructors.

Click here for more information and the proposal form.

Click here for more information and  the evaluation form.

Webinars: not yet active

  1. Only the presenters are evaluated.
  2. The webinar is listed on everyone's record, showing its length.
  3. It may be archived in our library, if desired.

Learning LearnDash

All conversations and courses use LearnDash. We provide templates to help you start, but you might want to learn more about using the platform, here are some useful video links.