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Dream It Up

What would be fun? Interesting? Important? What's worth talking about? Books? Movies? Spiritual Direction? Creative projects? Conversations are free form and collegial, so be bold. Look around Hazelnut or the world for ideas

Propose It

Our forms helps you design the course.

  • Look at the form you need: member or affiliate.
  • Fill it out.
  • Submit it.
  • We approve it.
What You Get
  • A template with handy instructions for your conversation
  • Your private tool box: forum, chatroom, and access to a webinar
  • Your Workshop, at Your Place tab, where you shape the conversation
  • Your Conversations, another tab at Your Place, where your work is published and participants come.
What the Community Gets
  • Notices about your conversation
  • Information about you and the conversation
  • Chance to sign up
Why Not Give It a Shot?

Put it together and see what happens.

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