Offer a Course

Designing a Course

Courses operate like any distance learning course. They are run by instructors and may have lectures, written exercises, quizzes, and grades. The instructor evaluates the work of each student and students evaluate the work of the instructor. If you're new to Hazelnut, we recommend you begin with offering a conversation as a way of getting acquainted with the technology, but after April 15, the choice will be yours.

Using Our Forms

The linked proposal form is designed to help you organize the course in a general sort of way that will attract participants. You might want to design the whole thing at once or just do it as you go. Or you might outline the meetings, then fill in gaps. The evaluation forms for the use of  instructors and students suggest mutual criteria for courses.

How Does It Work?

After the conversation is approved, it will be published on the Hazelnut page on the Newsstand and on the Courses page. After you have as many participants as you want, you'll receive a private web page for your group. And off you go!.

Once people have signed up, you'll receive a page for your group. Some people like to design the whole thing at once, some do it as they go. Or perhaps outline the meetings, then fill in the gaps.

We're always there to help.