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Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth-century mystic, saw a hand with a hazelnut in it and heard God say, “That’s what the whole world looks like to me.” With the vision given us by the Kepler telescope, the message is even more amazing. It’s all so much more than we can take in, but within the tiny hazelnut, we can connect with each other.
Two hands raise the hazelnut, as broken as our own world, but with a pure heart.
Hazelnut Connection is designed for people interested in spirituality, world religions, and issues of faith. Conversations on completely unrelated topics are not welcome. That said, almost every aspect of life has a religious component.
No, but we hope it will make it irresistible.
Yes. Yes. Yes. We want to be really useful and interesting.
No, but it offers all kinds of opportunities.
Absolutely. See Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more info
The member’s record may include a short bio and picture to share with the larger community. Your information is your own. HC may use the demographic material for its own purposes, but not people’s names.
No. All your work belongs to you. Hazelnut Connection's copyright is limited to the site, name, and logo.
No. Everyone is responsible for the copyright of their contributions.
Conversations are informal and highly collegial. Everyone participates fully and is equally important. No one, even the Moderator, dominates the conversation. 
For choosing the study materials and helping the members of the group make helpful contributions to the conversations.
Look at Hazelnuts and Bolts and Putting it Together.  If you're still puzzled, get in touch with the Executive Coordinator at Contact Us.
Like conventional courses where an instructor instructs and may judge the work of students.
Yes, but Hazelnut Connection does not check their qualifications. That's done in the student evaluations of the course.
No. Only the numeric evaluation at the end of the evaluation.
If they want a fee, they include it in  in the course description. Accepting the fee is part of signing up.
No,  but Hazelnut Connection allows participants to pay fees directly to the Instructor without leaving the website of Hazelnut Connection. 
It compiles and forwards the list of members to the teacher and keeps records.
Religious or community organizations using Hazelnut Connection as a platform for their own program.
It is determined by its number of active members. Small organizations like tiny congregations or associations pay less and larger ones pay more. It's all laid out in the Marketplace.
  They become Special Members of Hazelnut Connection for half price.
It's up to the organization--Hazelnut will not check up on it. For religious organizations, average weekly worship is probably the best.
It compiles and forwards the list of members to the instructor and keeps records.
Members in Mission and Affiliates in Mission
Hazelnut Connection seeks to serve them because they have special gifts and insights to share.
People who want to participate in our programs but can't pay the usual membership fee.  Most likely they will be members of impoverished communities--rural or urban, within the US or not. 
Groups or communities that would like to use our program but can't pay the full subscription.  Again, they are most likely to come from impoverished communities or countries.
Because they are part of Hazelnut's own mission to be a learning community. 
No, but they are set by a conversation to make sure that all participants can feel that they are supporting the effort.
By using the Contact us button in the Marketplace.



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