Public Square

Welcome to the Public Square

Religion, faith, and spirituality: here's the place to engage with others who want to go deeper. The Hazelnut Connection exists for people who want companions in conversation about the things that really matter-- matters of mind and spirit, religion and society, the meaning that feeds the heart. If that's you, here's the place.

Visit and stay to enjoy all the activities of the Public Square. Rich resources for private study and opportunities to interact with others who, like you, are interested in religion, faith, and spirituality. You can use the resources and catch up on what's going on without any commitment. But if you want to take part in the activities, you need to sign up as a Visitor but don't need to provide anything more than your name and email.

What's here?

Look around. Tickle your mind at the Newsstand, news from five feeds dealing with world religions, calendars of world religious holidays, and news of Hazelnut's activities and upcoming courses.  Surveys can help you find people who share your interests. 

Hang out in the Commons to find something interest to read or watch, or join a chatroom for live ongoing conversation. Suggestions for online resources, books, and media about world religions and spirituality can help you get started.

At Speakers Corner, join a forum to contribute to conversations whenever you feel like it. Maybe even organize one!


We are interested in fostering an intelligent and insightful community. That means no obscene language and no personal attacks. Respecting people of other faiths or traditions involves not attempting to convert them to the truths we hold dear. Attempts to convert others is considered abuse. Doing it can get you barred from the community for a year. For more, see our Terms and Conditions.

And always, share  with the community: suggestions  for resources and ideas in the Public Square  and the Chatroom. When you become a member, you will be able to participate in Conversations and Courses as a group member or leader.