Our World Religions Sharing Place

The Commons, Hazelnut Connection's world religions sharing place, offers a place for the wider community--visitors and members alike--to chat and share resources.  The community gathers to talk in a chatroom which offers many alternatives and is always available. Hazelnut Connection offers basic resources for the major world religions, and invites visitors and members to suggest resources they respect. Resources include books, articles, websites, and other media. The description of each resource includes information about its level of difficulty.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the chatrooms and contribute suggestions, but active participation involves joining as a Visitor, which includes beginning your Profile. This for everyone's safety. Whatever information you choose to share will appear on the  Hazel Nuts page.

Participating means that you accept our Terms and Conditions.

What's happening elsewhere on the Public Square

Designed for casual visitors, perfect for lurkers, these parts of the Public Square are perfectly free.

Social moments

You can visit anything going on in the Commons: Chatrooms, Forums in Speakers Corner, and Resources. But to participate, join as a Visitor so we have your name and email.

  • The Chatroom--ongoing conversations in real time on whatever.
  • Speakers Corner--read a little, write a little, come back whenever.
Interesting materials

Resources: general works recommended by Hazelnut Connection.

Suggestions: specialized works suggested by users.

  • Books.
  • Articles.
  • Web Resources.
  • Media.

Information about the resources suggested by Hazelnut and the communities includes the religion and tradition they are related to and their level of difficulty.