Where to find study resources? This page suggests some general works, with special attention to the internet.  For more specialized material and the suggestions of other users, and make your own, go to Suggestions.



Patheos: Hosting the Conversation.

This marvelous resource covers all major world religions and most denominations. Your first stop for a wide variety of blogs and websites.

Religion Facts: Just the Facts on Religion

Most major faiths, contemporary and ancient; beliefs, charts, glossaries, and symbols described. Author is an independent scholar of religion and religious history who aims at objectivity and comprehensiveness. Wonderful starting point, but as he warns only a starting point.

Religious tolerance: Understanding, Tolerance, Coexistence

Over 6800 articles on a wide range of religions and spiritual traditions, curated by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance with most articles written by Bruce A. Robinson. Its articles aim at objectivity and deals with hot button issues. Includes a list of 500 top fundamentalist christian blogs.

Religion and Public Life

Numerous reports and opinion polls from the Pew Research Center on religious issues in the US and around the world give clear and authoritative  reports on "what everybody thinks."

Multifaith Spirituality


 Beliefnet: Inspire your everyday

Spiritual self help for all faiths with a slight evangelical Christian tinge. Issues include spiritual living, wellness, and family life. Daily prayers and some educational materials are included for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus.

Center for Action and Contemplation

Rooted in catholic spirituality, the Center is devoted to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue with special emphasis on contemplative spirituality. Its Living School  offers a two year course in spirituality with faculty members Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault and James Finley. It includes daily meditations from Richard Rohr

Spirituality and Practice: Resources for Spiritual Journeys

Liberal Roman Catholic authors  Frederic Brussat, Mary Ann Brussat, Ron Pevny, contemplation, spirituality, christian spirituality, catholic spirituality, and interfaith spirituality.




Your first stop to the buddhist world, this site discusses buddhism, buddhist world, buddhist digital resources, world buddhist directory, buddhazine, buddhist online magazine, buddhist ebooks, meditation, insight meditation, loving kindness meditation, buddha audio, dhamma talks, and  bodhi tree monastery.



An outlet of Catholic World News, this site includes roman catholic world news, commentary, religious materials, and educational resources, including access to a library of the Fathers of the Church. It is designed for conservative and orthodox catholics,

Center for Action and Contemplation

Deeply rooted in catholic spirituality, the Center is devoted to ecumenical and interfaith dialogue with special emphasis on contemplative spirituality. Its Living School  offers a two year course in spirituality with faculty members Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault and James Finley. It includes daily meditations from Richard Rohr.

Red Letter Christians: Taking the Words of Jesus Seriously

Evangelical christians who see the words of Jesus as a countercultural call to social justice. A wide range of writers include Tony Campolo, Onielove Alston, Shane Claiborne, Brian Maclaren, Jim Wallis, John Dear, Teresa Pasquale Mateus, Ron Sider, Ruthie Johnson, and Mimi Haddad. The page Blog+ connects to numerous blogs connected with Christian social action.



Christian traditions use different versions of the Old Testament.

Orthodox: all Hebrew text plus all Greek texts, based on oldest Greek translation

Roman Catholic: all Hebrew plus Greek texts included in Vulgate Latin translation.

Protestant: Hebrew text

Protestant with Apocrypha: Hebrew text plus Greek texts in separate section



Hinduism Facts: Facts about Hinduism

A massive site with numerous articles. Too many topics to list exhaustively, but here are some of the pages: facts about hinduism,  hindu religion, hindu history, hindu scriptures and holy books, hindu concept of God, yoga, reincarnation. You have to go there to see its riches. The people behind are not named, but the site looks excellent.



The Interfaith Observer

A monthly journal to further mutual dialogue between practitioners of different world religions. Since its first September, 2011, issues its articles and contributors are too numerous to list. This is a sample: Vivekenanda, Parliament of the World's Religions 1993, William E. Lesher, William E. Swing, christianity, hinduism, islam, buddhism, jainism, judaism, sikhism, interfaith movement, interfaith dialogue.


Internet Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project

2100 free books and articles on a wide range of themes from shiia muslim view point. Major topics include: muslim belief and creed, muslim education and society, muslim history  and politics, muslim  laws and worship, Quran and hadith, muslim spirituality and philosophy.

World of Islam Portal

A massive site including muslims might need or be interested in and inquirers might need to know. Topics include: muslim beliefs, islam, islamic news, islamic media, Quran, hadith, news of the islamic world and much more.

 The Religion of Islam

Numerous articles by various authors offer information to convince people to convert. Once the bias is noted, the site describes islam, islamic beliefs, muslim beliefs and life, Muhammed and various issues of daily life for muslims. A website of the Cooperative Office for Dawah in Rawdah, it considers neither sunnis nor shiites to be true muslims.



The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an. Trans. Abdullah Usuf Ali. New ed. with rev. translation and commentary. Parallel texts in English and Arabic. Probably the best English version of the Muslim scriptures.



 Jewish Virtual Library

This encyclopedia is the largest project of The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise and has articles on almost every aspect of Judaica, with special emphasis on history and intellectual traditions. Among the many topics are: judaism, torah, tanach, talmud, jewish movements, jewish calendar, jewish ethics and philosophy, jewish rituals, jewish history

Judaism 101

Addresses FAQs about contemporary jewish life. The style is highly accessible and engaging. Its Orthodox viewpoint reflects its connections to earlier forms of Judaism. Some topics: judaism, jewish holidays, jewish practices, hebrew alphabet, jewish beliefs, kosher dietary laws



Jewish scriptures. Same books as the Protestant Bible, but in a different order.



Open Culture

The best free cultural and educational media on the web. Free movies, ebooks, audiobooks, MOOCs, 1250 courses (including religion), Great Lectures, and more. Includes many downloads.

Internet Archive

A non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Includes free downloads and lending libraries.


Religion MOOCs and Free Online Courses. Lists current and upcoming courses from several sources, includes search engine for others.

Free images

Be very careful in using images. Check the license page to avoid big trouble. And remember that Google Images does not check copyright--they just say it might be an issue.


"We are a search engine for free photos. These come from many sources and are license-specific." Incredibly wide ranging, but pay attention to the licenses.


21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos (2019 Update), Snappa includes many other useful pages.


Seems to be the site to beat. Lovely pictures but really odd indexing. Not required to credit photographer, but seems good, and include link to their profile.


Highly rated. Many free photos. Allows donations to photographers.