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 Title Brief summary Author Difficulty Religion
The Christian Moral Life: Practices of PietyChristian ethics are connected with religious practices. This work works from an Anglican viewpoint.Timothy F. Sedgwick2 IntroductoryChristianity
Walking in the Sacred Manner: Healers, Dreamers, and Pipe Carriers--Medicine Women of the Plains IndiansWomen healers and dreamers have served the Lakota in many ways.Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier2 IntroductoryIndigenous
A Journey through Christian Theology, with Texts from the First to the Twenty-first CenturyCovers the whole spectrum, includes original texts, with commentaryWilliam P. Anderson3 IntermediateChristianity
Fox hunt: a memoir of Yemen and my odyssey to AmericaMemoir of interfaith learning and deliveranceMohammed al Samawi1 Fun and easyIslam
The spirit driven church: signs of God's graceful presencePentacostal reading of church history.Terje Hegertun3 IntermediateChristianity
 Title Brief summary Author Difficulty Religion
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Magazine or Journal Articles

 Title Topics Website Address Difficulty 1-5 Religion
Islamist and feminist: a new generation claims its powerIslamist women use Quran to get rights and powercsmonitor.com2 IntroductoryIslam
Listening to Jesus as a JewJesus; Judaism; Bible;christiancentury.org2 IntroductoryChristianity
 Title Topics Website Address Difficulty 1-5 Religion
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Newspaper Articles

 Headline Brief Summary Website Address Difficulty 1-5 Religion

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 Headline Brief Summary Website Address Difficulty 1-5 Religion
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Internet Resources

 Title of Site Brief summary Website Address Difficulty Religion
Religion, Conflict and PeaceReligions throughout the world have encouraged and resisted conflicts.edx.org2 IntroductoryOther
Christianity through its ScripturesBiblical interpretations are widely varied, especially on contemporary issues.edx.org2 IntroductoryChristianity
That we all may be one: reflections on unityReligion, politics, and unity.ecubishop.com3 IntermediateChristianity
Buddhism through its ScripturesBuddhist scriptures evolve with the practice of the faith.edx.org2 IntroductoryBuddhism
Islam through its ScripturesDescribes the Quran and how Muslims use and interpret it.edx.org2 IntroductoryIslam
 Title of Site Brief summary Website Address Difficulty Religion
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Media other than Internet

 Title Topics Website Address Difficulty (1-5) Religion
gOD-talk:A Black Millennials and Faith ConversationAfrican American Millennials religious IntroductoryChristianity
On Beingspirituality and cultureonbeing.org2 IntroductoryOther
TED: Ideas worth spreadinghumanity, society, personal growthted.com3 IntermediateOther
 Title Topics Website Address Difficulty (1-5) Religion