Hazelnuts and Bolts


Our goal is to make Hazelnut easy and fun. And if it's not easy the first time, we hope this page will help. If not, ask for help at Contact Us.

Get acquainted with the site

Look around, especially the Public Square.

Look at the resources in the Chatroom and figure out how it works, maybe add some of your own. This will help everyone get more ideas, especially you. Maybe start a chat of your own.

Maybe take the Survey or at least look at the most recent results.

Do the same with the forums on Speakers Corner.



Conversations are about lifelong learning, not expertise. The moderator's goal is to create something interesting and to help all the group members learn something and share of the action.

To investigate available conversations, go to Past Present and Future.

To develop and propose a conversation of your own, go to Offer a Conversation.


Courses are conventional distance learning classrooms. The instructor organizes the material, directs the classes (lecture, discussion, whatever), and evaluates the work of the students. Quizzes, exams, and essays are possible, as are shared projects and activities. Instructors are expected to be experts in the field they teach. If an instructor just wants a good time, the conversation format might work better.

For more information, go to Offer a Course.