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Visitors participate in all the activities of the Public Square, suggest favorite resources, make friends, post blogs and send messages to other members. But not in Conversations or Courses.  No charge!

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Want everything in the Public Square?  Plus private Conversations and Conversations? Plus a permanent record of your activities to claim continuing education hours? Offer a course or conversation? Maybe access your record for a nominal fee even if you no longer belong? Join us!

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Special Members

Special members join Hazelnut to participate in programs of our Affiliates at $60,  half the usual annual membership price. The affiliate will give us your information and include your fee to be a member as part of any fee you pay them. If you take more than one course with your affiliate, your special membership is extended.  If you're part of an organization that is not yet an Affiliate, maybe you can get some action going!

Members in Mission

If your main contributions are wisdom and experience, contact us for a fair contribution.


Religious or community organizations of any size that use the Hazelnut Connection as a platform for their own program.  Affiliates' membership fee is calculated by the number of seats they expect to use. When they offer an activity, the leader of the group lists the names of the participants, who automatically become members of Hazelnut Connection. This allows affiliates maximum flexibility in planning their programs. Fees for extra seats bought during the year are pro-rated by the time remaining in the year's membership.  Contact us for more information.

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Offering a course or conversation

  • Leader registers participant who automatically become Special Members
  • Hazelnut Connection helps set up the event.

50% introductory discount will be applied in the shopping cart at checkout.

Affiliates in Mission

Religious or community organizations that offer wisdom and experience, but  contact us to find a fair financial contribution.

Service fees: Moderators and instructors

Moderators and instructors are able charge fees directly to participants and students for a nominal service fee. Their charges go straight to their own accounts. Press here.


The Hazelnut Connection exists to encourage and support conversations and learning about world religions, spirituality, and matters of faith in a safe environment. We offer a wide range of resources and hope to extend our membership to include members of many faiths. As part of our effort, we offer various kinds of membership, which you can investigate on this page.

We're very grateful for your support.  Thank you so much.