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Public Square
  • Newsstand: World religions news feeds, calendar of  world religious holidays, news of coming events in Hazelnut.
  • Surveys: Share your interests and see what others are interested in.
  • Commons: Ongoing chats in the Chatroom, basic resources for world religions, participants' favorite resources. Feel free to offer your own suggestions. 
  • Speakers Corner: Ongoing forums on a wide range of topics.
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Public Square
  • Newsstand: Sign up to participate in organized conversations or courses.
  • Commons: Open your own public chatroom, share your own favorite resources with the community.
  • Speakers Corner: Open your own forum.
  • Conversations: Join a casual conversation on any topic related to spirituality, world religions, and issues of faith. Or offer one.
  • Courses: Join a formally structured course which might help you pursue your further education. If you want to offer a course, a nominal fee will let you charge participants a fee which will go directly from them to your own account.
  • Put It Together: Begin here when you want to offer a conversation or course of your own. 
Your Place
  • Transcript: Get a permanent transcript of all the conversations and courses you have taken part in. If you no longer belong to Hazelnut, you will be able to download your record for a small fee.
  • Evaluations: These evaluations of your participation in conversations or courses are generated by HC and completely private.
  • Your Workshop: Come here to design your own conversation or course.

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The Hazelnut Connection exists to encourage and support conversations and learning about world religions, spirituality, and matters of faith in a safe environment. We offer a wide range of resources and hope to extend our membership to include members of many faiths. As part of our effort, we offer various kinds of membership, which you can investigate on this page.

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