Help Wanted

Help Hazelnut Grow

We're seeking people who want to take an active part shaping our community.
Here is where we particularly need help.

Public Relations

Public Relations

Design and plan a media presence that will bring people to our site.  If the designer is interested, it may include curating social media platforms

Social Media

Social Media Presence

We need someone who is very interested in our subject matter to establish and maintain sites for Hazelnut Connection on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any others, etc.

Interfaith Partners

We want to foster lively conversation among the various world religions and among various threads of  each religion. Life being as it is, we can only begin from our own position as Christians.

So we need people of other faiths to help us. They might want to begin by participating in the public forums or chatrooms, then start offering blogs, conversations, or courses. 

Angel And Devil Character



Our advisers are interested in actively supporting Hazelnut Connection. Besides encouraging members of their faith community to participate and offering blogs, they might want to engage in interfaith conversations with the other advisers or use Hazelnut Connection to have private conversations with colleagues in their own faith community.

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