What Are We?

The Hazelnut Connection
  • All about people’s spiritual and intellectual interests
  • An interfaith and ecumenical online community
  • Studies world religions, faith, and spirituality
  • No pressure to convert
  • Uses the resources of the internet
  • A 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation
  • Not accredited, but we keep good records

Public Services
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Member services


  • Casual
  • Relaxed
  • Different levels
  • Self-directed
  • Lifelong learning
  • Can be reading, writing, conversations


  • Experienced instructors
  • Formal course structure
  • Different levels
  • Continuing education
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  • Visitors have full access to Public Square and all Member Profiles: free. No obligation.
  • Special introductory membership: first year at half price ($60)
  • Members receive all services for $120 per year
  • Members in Mission help us decide what is fair.
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  • Religious or community groups of any size
  • Subscriptions based on projected number of participants
  • Do their own programs
  • Members get Hazelnut Connection membership for $60 per year
  • Affiliates in Mission help us decide what is fair.
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  • Always available
  • Full course descriptions
  • Let you document your continuing education
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