Affiliated Organizations

Religious or community organizations using the Hazelnut Connection as a platform for their own educational program.

What does the Organization do?
  • Offers programs.
  • Collects participants fees for participating in their programs. 
  • Pays Hazelnut for the expected number of participants.
  • Receives a Coupon Code.
  • Gives the Coupon Code for each participant to sign up as a Affiliate Member.
Fees for Flexibility
  • Pay organizational membership once a year, no matter how many groups you offer.
  • Fee for the number of participants.
  • Fee for added participants is pro-rated for the rest of the year. Contact us for more information.
Courses and Conversations
  • The leader of an Organization's course or conversation registers participants who use the Organization's Coupon Code to sign up as Affiliate Members of Hazelnut Connection.
  • Conversations and courses may be private or public.
  • Hazelnut Connection helps set up the event.
How to become an Affiliated Organization
  • Get Coupon Code from HC.
  • Click on Select Options below.
  • At the Affiliated Organizations page:
    • Choose subscription according the number of participants you expect.
    • Sign up.
    • Go to Cart.
  • Cart
    • Check products--title and number of participants.
    • Proceed to Checkout.
  • Checkout
Affiliate Members
  • Participate in program of one of our Affiliated Organizations.
  • Use all our resources. 
  • Have their own permanent personal record of their activities with Hazelnut.
  • The personal record may be used to claim continuing education credit.
  • No charge from us as long as your Organization keeps them on their list of participants.
  • No longer part of the Organization's program? Become a regular member of Hazelnut for the special introductory price.
  • If you're part of an organization that is not yet affiliated to Hazelnut, maybe you can get some action going!